Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crumpet 31 Day Challenge Day 29 Inspired by a blogger

Well todays challenge is super fun for me because I get to talk about my favorite blogger Alexis from  Glittertips. I recently started following her after the 31 Day Challenge began and I was in total amazement when I saw all the beautiful nail art she makes. Everything she creates seems to unite so perfectly.  She is a British blogger and I am totally jealous of all the great polish she has available to her that I don't. In her honor my inspiration came from her blog's name, glitter tips.

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For this look I used:
Wet n Wild ' Ebony Hates Chris as my base. One coat was very streaky, I had to apply two coats.
For the glitter tips: Sally Hansen  Gem Crush Big Money under China Glaze Hello Gorgeous!
I topped it off with Revlon no chip topcoat
Love love love this look, the black really made the glitter pop!
Thank you Alexis for your inspiring blog. 
Please check out the other ladies!


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  2. I saw another manicure similar to this on a different blog recently.. such a pretty combination! have to agree, so jealous of the bloggers living elsewhere with so many different polishes available to them (can we say Fantasy Fire and OPI Spotted?)

    I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! congratulations :)

    1. thanks I replied on wrong place, thanks for the great news for me!

  3. Thank you so much !. Great way to end my day.
    By the way I saw OPI spotted for $50 on ebay :/