Thursday, November 29, 2012

A KB Shimmer sky!

So today I decided to use my some one of my new polishes from KB shimmer. I have many polishes KB shimmer but this has to be my favorite one. I decided on this look because lately is been raining a lot and I miss the summer nights when I would look up and see the bright stars. Now all I see is dark clouds. This polish helps me remember that in six more months, baseball season starts and more starry night will come.
Polishes can be found at their store KB shimmer and find some other great hand made polishes.
Alright so here it is!
 I used two coats of the polish followed by stars that I stamped with Konad plate M84. I like how it came out . The silver hexes in the polish make the stars pop out more and make it look like your looking at a bright blue night with shooting stars :)
For this look I used  KB shimmers "HEX APPEAL" as the base polish and used my stamping plate with Essie "nothing else matters" a metallic light lavender with a lot of shine. I topped the whole look with two layers of Seche Vite. Enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dotted flower nail art Inspired by Betsy Johnson heels

So today I decided to bring out my dotting tools and dot some flowers. I haven't really used them because it takes a while to dot what I really want. So I thought the first thing I could do that wouldn't take long would be flowers. I was once again inspired by a pair of heels I own. I didn't really replicate the pattern because I wanted to use a different set of colors with not just metallic qualities but also glitter. I hope you enjoy.

My inspiration came from my favorite heels Betsy Johnson KNOX in black. As you can see the flowers in the shoe are metallic but I wanted to add my own touch, glitter!
For this I used Zoya "Ziv" from the Winter 2012 collection ( the dots in middle and around the flowers). For the flowers I used Zoya "Jo" OPI "the spy who loved me" special Skyfall edition, OPI "DS002" , and Essie " blue rhapsody". For the base coat I used two coats of China Glaze "liquid leather"
 I used the biggest dotter I had and dotted for petals for each flower randomly on all my nail. I tried to keep the red and pink flowers away from each other. On my pinky I only had space for three not four flowers. For the centers of the flower I used a smaller dotter. and for the tiny gold dots around the dotters I used an even smaller dotter.  I finished the look with two coats of Seche Vite ( I write a lot at work and my right hand usually starts to chip first)

I think it turned out great. It may not be exactly the same as the heels but then hey! that would take all the fun out of it. I think Im going to go dig into my closet again for more inspiration.
Take care
All comments are appreciated!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Essie & Stamping fall mix

Thanksgiving is over and I hope everyone had a great time with their families. Today I would like to share one of my fall looks that I think is different from the usual glittery shiny looks I usually wear. In my family we don't eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, we usually have chicken ribs, rump roast etc, and that ok. Thinking of this I thought " its ok not to be shiny " so I can up with this fall look that in my opinion , isn't so bad.

For this look I used  Essie " wicked" as the base color. This is a dark wine color almost brown.Then for the flowers I stamped using  Essie "orange it's obvious" a nice soft orange, and  Konad special white nail polish. I wanted to go from light to dark as it went down my nail. I used Konad plate M84. As you can see I started with mostly white and as I went through each nail I added a drop of the orange and mixed it with the while as more orange was added the flowers looked like they where changing colors, I love it! . I finished the look with Essie" matte about you" . I recommend one layer of clear top coat such as Seche Vite before going over with the matte ( it will smudge the stamp). 

As you can see it came out pretty nice. The matt made the base coat a completely different color and gave the look a more quiet soft look. I am very pleased with it. I have used matte top coat with one color manicures but not much when I do stamping. Something different is always good to try ;)

My last picture shows my nails before I added the matte top coat and after. Both looks came out great but please comment and let me know which you prefer. Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Stamping with flowers

So today I wanted to do something fun that I have been thinking about since I wore some cute betsy Johnson shoes I own. I don't have much experience with the stamping technique. I usually stamp one of my nails as an accent nail. But today I decided to go all the way and stamp some nice flower designs. I think it came out great.

Hoy decidi hacer un Mani que estaba pensando desde que me puse unos sapatos de Betsy Johnson. No tengo mucha experiencia con estampar. Simpre lo hago con solo una "una" . Pero hoy decidi hacer las todas! Pienso que me salieron bien.

The polishes I used are Essie "russian roulette", China Glaze "happy go lucky" OPI "dating a royal" and Konad special white nail polish and plate M3.
Estos son los colores que use Essie "russian roulette", China Glaze "happy go lucky" OPI "dating a royal" y Konad white special  nail polish y plate M3

I started with a base coat followed by two layers of OPI "dating a royal" This color is a great blue that still allowed for the soft red of Essie to be seen . Both of these colors complemented each other nicely. I then stamped many flowers randomly around my nails, followed by random dots of yellow to the inside of the red flowers.

Comense con OPI "dating a royal", lo aplique dos veces. Este color fue perfecto con el color rojo porque no domino el rojo y se puede ver las florer rojas. Despues puse muchas flores blancas en differente partes de las unas. para terminar puse el color amarillo en el centro de las flores rojas.
To finish I topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite. All in all I think its super cute. My flowers didn't come out very well in some nail but practice makes perfect and I will continue to strive for better application. Well Enjoy!
Para terminar use Seche Vite. Me salieron bonitas por mi primera ves y yo se que no estan perfectas pero sigo practicando.
I thought it looked nice up close so I decided to put my favorite shot of it in .
Esta es mi photo favorita y espero que les gusten.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

With these choices..... there is no limit!

So today I wanted to show appreciation for all those great indie nail polish brands out there. When I was younger the only thing I could get my hands on where the things I found at retail store. But now with the great world wide web (LOL) there is no limit to all the beautiful polishes I can get my hands on. Today I mixed the retail with the Indie. Im not really particular about any type or style just as long as I can make it work and it looks beautiful!

 For this look I mixed up Essie nail polish and a beautiful Indie Brand named Glitter Daze . The polishes and colors found at Glitter Daze are some you could never find at your local beauty store.

I started with a base coat and then started with 3 coats of Essie Pre-nup, followed by one coat of Glitter Daze Reloaded

As you can see it came out really nice. it  not over the top and all the colors and hexagons make it feel like there is a party on your fingers. The black shards bring a lot of attention to your nails and the soft pink don't make it hard on your eyes. I finished with two top coats of Seche Vite. The glitter is pretty big so if you don't put a topcoat on, chances are the glitter will snag on something or fall off
I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glitter crazy gradient!

This is one of my favorite styles to wear. I love glitter polish but I hate taking it off. This was a compromise since it was a gradient, not all my nail was covered with glitter. I used OPI ridge filler as my base followed by two coats of OPI which for bad luck the label fell of the bottom. I then started with Sally Hensen Nail Gem Crush "Big Money" half way down my nail. I used more at the tip then the top. I think added Sally Hensen "Razzle Dazzler" to the tips of my nails to create a gradient from soft beige to pink. You cant really tell from the picture but "Big Money" has small pink glitter flakes to it so the gradient works great. I hope you enjoy as much as I liked wearing it.

Ready to Go!!

Hello blogging world!
Recently I have been into nail polish art. I'm working on my Behavior Analyst certification and don't really have a lot of time on my hands, but I do have time to paint my nails. I decided to dive into the world of nail art and share the only thing I have time for in my life right now...doing my nails.