Thursday, November 29, 2012

A KB Shimmer sky!

So today I decided to use my some one of my new polishes from KB shimmer. I have many polishes KB shimmer but this has to be my favorite one. I decided on this look because lately is been raining a lot and I miss the summer nights when I would look up and see the bright stars. Now all I see is dark clouds. This polish helps me remember that in six more months, baseball season starts and more starry night will come.
Polishes can be found at their store KB shimmer and find some other great hand made polishes.
Alright so here it is!
 I used two coats of the polish followed by stars that I stamped with Konad plate M84. I like how it came out . The silver hexes in the polish make the stars pop out more and make it look like your looking at a bright blue night with shooting stars :)
For this look I used  KB shimmers "HEX APPEAL" as the base polish and used my stamping plate with Essie "nothing else matters" a metallic light lavender with a lot of shine. I topped the whole look with two layers of Seche Vite. Enjoy!