Monday, December 31, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 1 Black and White

This is my first ever 31 day challenge and I hope I can do it all. Luckily school ends on Saturday and I will have more time to paint my nails, Yeay!. This challenge is The Crumpets Nail tarts 31 day challenge hosted by The Crumpet. 31 days of incredible nail art by me and other great bloggers and nail art lovers alike. Day 1 is black and white. And here is my black and white.

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For this look I used two colors Zoya "Raven" and "Purity" both of these came in my Gilty pleasure gift box. Purity is a very creamy white, it was a bit thick for me so I added some thinner to it and it helped with the application. I used two coats of it and followed with Seche Vite before it dried ( to prevent shrinkage around the corners). I waited 20 min for this to dry.

Raven is a nice beautiful black, you can't tell from the picture but it has a slight glimmer to it and is beautiful in person. I used tape to cut out triangles and hand painted the lines. This really taught me to use a steady hand. I did this because I didn't want to wait for the black triangles to dry, but my lines didn't come out so bad.

I used black acrylic to paint to make the flower and a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white to draw the flower on the accent nail. I love making accent nails and I think this added a good finishing touch.
These are two great polishes to have on hand. 

Well thats day one of the challenge, below is what will be created in the next month

Thanks and Enjoy!
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KB Shimmer New Year Mani!

So once again I am talking about KB Shimmer. I have seen the reviews by other bloggers and I agree with them all, its a great product. I'm still making my festive creations for this time of year and this mani reminds me of sugar cookies, and I love sugar cookies! Today is my grandmothers birthday and I will be making her some goodies so this fits in with my sweet fingers LOL
For this look I used KB shimmer" Oh splat" it a milky white with different colored hexes and small specs of circular glitter. It reminds me of birthday cake with sprinkles on top. For the stars I used "Hex appeal" A eautiful blue with shimmery purple and silver hexes. A perfect compliment to the white of "oh splat".
I started with two coats of "oh splat" and let them dry completely. I also used one coat of  Seche Vite to hurry the process.

I used scotch tape and and a star stamper to make the star shape. I put the scotch tape on top of wax paper for easy removal.

After placing the star on any part of my nail, I added to coats of Hex appeal making sure that all the glitter stayed on my nail and not the tape. 

This looks great next to a our snowflake ornament.
 I simply love "oh splat" its a color I can wear anytime and feel very girly and pretty. The stars added a little pop to it. I've been wearing it for 2 days and no chips.

 Thanks and Enjoy!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let It Snow Challenge. Zoya Fireworks

Hi everyone!
Today I will be posting week 5, New Years! When I think about New Years I think about the first New Years Eve I spent with out my parents, away from home, and the shocker I WAS 25! My parents are very strict and in 2009 I was able to break free. I spent a great fun night in downtown San Francisco with my best friends and at 12am I was standing in front of the Piers clock tower screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and watching a beautiful display of fireworks over my head. It was a great night. In honor of that night I made a fireworks display on my nails. Its not a $20,000 display like in San Francisco but it will do.

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For the base coat I used two coats of Zoya "Storm" I made my fireworks with a dotting tool and changing the size as I went closer to the nail bed.
For the pinky I used Zoya "FeiFeu" and "Trixie
For my ring finger I used Zoya "Faye " and "Trixie"
For my middle finger I used Zoya "Ziv" and "Trixie"
For the index finger I used nothing but Trixie
My thumb has all the colors joined for a fireworks spectacular ending.
I love the effect of Blaze, it made it feel like a starry night filled with the light of the fireworks. 

And this is my representation of the grand finally in a fireworks show. This is the moment when the pyrotechnics let loose tons of fireworks in the sky and they mix and mingle to create a beautiful painting in the sky.

Enjoy and have a safe weekend !
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Zoya Aurora Christmas Nails

Quick post today. I wanted to show you my Christmas mani. I used Zoya Aurora, its part of their Ornate collection. I used the other 5 colors in a different mani and I did not use this color so I thought It would be nice to use this for Christmas. A little different but the wreath still adds the Christmas touch.

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 This holo looks absolutely beautiful in the natural sunlight and yesterday was a break from all the rain so I took the pictures outside.
For the wreath I used a dotting tool and  Zoya "Logan" and "Blaze" 

Thanks you and have a great Christmas !

Sunday, December 23, 2012

China Glaze Cheers Zebra Stamp

I recently bought China Glaze Cheers a set that comes with two polishes "Glistening Snow" and "Angel wings" These are not your ordinary silver and gold, on the contrary, they are both infused with light reflecting sparkles that look like there is an explosion of fireworks on your hands. Although these are great for the holidays, I decided to use it for a great easy everyday kind of mani. I've been doing a lot of holiday creations so this was a relief from it.
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I tried many lightings so you can see how much this color sparkles. I added and accent nail using Angle wings. All  others were made using two coats of Glistening snow. I applied one coat of top coat before I stamped because it was a bit bumpy and I didn't think the stamp would stick. As you can see the stamp worked. I used Konad plate M57. I finished it with two coats of Seche Vite. 

I took many pictures because the sparkle in this is so intense I wanted to capture it. I think I did my best. Enjoy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let It Snow Challenge! Christmas/Holidays

Week four of Let It Snow Challenge is Holidays and I decided to make a christmas tree on my nails. Alright maybe not a Christmas tree but definitely something like it. My favorite part of the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree. In my house it takes three hours to decorate ( my mother has sooo many ornaments) but every hour is fun. Here is my favorite parts of my tree and luckily it didn't take me 3 hours to make!
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 For the base I used three coats of Zoya "Frida" a green jelly. I love jellies but I was about to give up on this one. For the decorations I used:
China Glaze: Happy go lucky (yellow), Champagne kisses( gold glitter)
Zoya: Robyn(light blue), Ginessa ( White star)
Essie:russian roulette (red)
KB Shimmer: Wrappers Delight ( star)

I used a hole puncher to make the perfect circles and stars and the lights where done freehand.

Cute easy and simple.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

China Glaze Creative Fantasy Dot Mani

Hey Guys
Today I wanted to show you my new polish I got. I recently bought this at Sally's beauty Supply. It's part of China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection. The polish is called Creative Fantasy.  A purple jelly polish. This is one of three purple polishes I own. Im not a big fan of purple polishes but I simply love this one. I love jellies and this has to be my favorite one. By itself it looks great but I decided to do a little dot manicure to make it interesting.

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Creative fantasy is so pretty. It looks like a have stain glass nails. This took three coats to be opaque and    even. 

This was a fairly simple mani. For the dots I used different sizes of dotting tools and made a crescent shape around the nails. The black is China Glaze "liquid leather" and white is "white on white".
It was super easy because all the nails did not have to be dotted the same. 

I have been wearing this for the past two days and there is no chipping or fading. I tried to be accurate in showing the color. This looks great in natural sunlight. I will definitely be doing this mani again.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zoya Manicure

Hey Guys

Today I decided to make a cute little manicure using my new Zoya shades that I have received from a flash promo from Zoya . I got three colors of my choice and Zoya Guilty which I have previously swatched. So here is my little mani. It didn't last long. The little tape fell off before I got of work. I spend most of my day picking up little ones and playing and running with them, but this is what it looked like before work ;)
I used Zoya "Natty" as the base. A nice dark grey, yet when it hits the right kind of light it almost looks like a blue. After it dried I tapped a part of my nail near the top and used "purity"( very chalky white)  for the tips. I then used Seche Vite to speed up the drying process. After it dried I used my metallic blue tape and taped a line in the middle of the colors. I finished with two coats of Seche Vite.
This is what it looked like before I added the flowers.

 I used my stamper and a-enland  "Ascalon" to stamp the bows

This was something simple and fast. I wish it could have lasted a little bit longer but I guess I had to much fun at work today.
Thanks or reading!