Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zoya Gilty Swatch

 So today I am super excited to write about what I finally got in the mail yesterday, Gilty by Zoya. Its a Topcoat with real 18K gold flakes! It will make any girl feel delicate and glamourous. Instead of layering it with either of the polishes it originally comes with I decided to layer it over one of my other favorite colors "katherine" from GLOSS the NYFW 2012 SHEER JELLY COLLECTION. I have seen many swatches that review it over "raven (black) and "purity"(white)so letting you see something different wont hurt. This look was achieved with two coats of Gilty. Application should not be rushed and wait until bottom coat is fully dry for easy application.
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I used two coats of Katherine. Katherine is a deep jelly purple that needed two coats because one coat did not cover enough. I then followed by two coats of Gilty followed by a top coat.

This topcoat wasn't too hard to apply and I like how it looks with the deep purple of Katherine. I will be trying it with a lighter color and seeing if the results are just as good.


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