Monday, December 10, 2012

Zoya Ornate Geometric Design

 Hey guys!
Today I in between studying, eating, and cleaning I had a change to work on this mani. After walking by these at my local Whole Foods many times ( yes they sell them there!)  I finally  purchased The Zoya Ornate collection. These are amazing colors for the holidays, probably the best I have purchased. I wanted to use them in a fun way that could represent the holidays but also not look like I was walking around with ornaments on my finger. I only used four of the six colors for this style. These colors all have glittery effects to them that don't over power and take away from the color of the polish. I new I had something good when my mom looked at my nails and complimented me and said " I think I might go buy that red" She hates glitter, but these she loved. So here is my design. I decided on triangles and a strip of gold. I think it turned out like wrapping paper but that's ok.

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U used Zoya "Storm", "logan", and "blaze" to make the large triangles. The gold trip you see is Zoya "Ziv"

I started with two coats of Blaze which I let dry over night. I didn't want any flaws in the geometric design.

Later using masking tape I cut many, many triangles and made these triangle designs.
The black storm only needed one coat, Ziv needed two coats.

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The green triangle I freehanded over the gold. 
Here is my final product.

 I lover using our Christmas tree as my background, my mother loves ornaments and she has 300+ b
hanging in our tree, each so beautiful in there own way

 This look took me a long time to and a lot of patience, but this collection was made to be used not when the air is cold and everywhere you go you see a little sparkle of the holidays.
Thanks you for reading!
Happy Holidays!

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