Monday, December 31, 2012

KB Shimmer New Year Mani!

So once again I am talking about KB Shimmer. I have seen the reviews by other bloggers and I agree with them all, its a great product. I'm still making my festive creations for this time of year and this mani reminds me of sugar cookies, and I love sugar cookies! Today is my grandmothers birthday and I will be making her some goodies so this fits in with my sweet fingers LOL
For this look I used KB shimmer" Oh splat" it a milky white with different colored hexes and small specs of circular glitter. It reminds me of birthday cake with sprinkles on top. For the stars I used "Hex appeal" A eautiful blue with shimmery purple and silver hexes. A perfect compliment to the white of "oh splat".
I started with two coats of "oh splat" and let them dry completely. I also used one coat of  Seche Vite to hurry the process.

I used scotch tape and and a star stamper to make the star shape. I put the scotch tape on top of wax paper for easy removal.

After placing the star on any part of my nail, I added to coats of Hex appeal making sure that all the glitter stayed on my nail and not the tape. 

This looks great next to a our snowflake ornament.
 I simply love "oh splat" its a color I can wear anytime and feel very girly and pretty. The stars added a little pop to it. I've been wearing it for 2 days and no chips.

 Thanks and Enjoy!

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  1. Love this! I have been thinking of getting a shaped stamp puncher for this exact purpose, haha.