Friday, December 28, 2012

Let It Snow Challenge. Zoya Fireworks

Hi everyone!
Today I will be posting week 5, New Years! When I think about New Years I think about the first New Years Eve I spent with out my parents, away from home, and the shocker I WAS 25! My parents are very strict and in 2009 I was able to break free. I spent a great fun night in downtown San Francisco with my best friends and at 12am I was standing in front of the Piers clock tower screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and watching a beautiful display of fireworks over my head. It was a great night. In honor of that night I made a fireworks display on my nails. Its not a $20,000 display like in San Francisco but it will do.

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For the base coat I used two coats of Zoya "Storm" I made my fireworks with a dotting tool and changing the size as I went closer to the nail bed.
For the pinky I used Zoya "FeiFeu" and "Trixie
For my ring finger I used Zoya "Faye " and "Trixie"
For my middle finger I used Zoya "Ziv" and "Trixie"
For the index finger I used nothing but Trixie
My thumb has all the colors joined for a fireworks spectacular ending.
I love the effect of Blaze, it made it feel like a starry night filled with the light of the fireworks. 

And this is my representation of the grand finally in a fireworks show. This is the moment when the pyrotechnics let loose tons of fireworks in the sky and they mix and mingle to create a beautiful painting in the sky.

Enjoy and have a safe weekend !
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