Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crumpet 31 day challenge Day 9 Saran Wrap

Todays challenge is  a first for me, Saran Wrap, I had no clue what this was, so I went and googled it. I saw pictures and tutorial and personally it wasn't something that I thought was very interesting. The thing I like about it is its so simple. If you don't apply polish perfectly its okay its going to all smear together in the end :) The first thing that came to my mind for this was an art project I did when I was in elementary school. The project consisted of a white paper, and crayons. With the crayons color any design, drawing etc, then take a black crayon and color on top of the other colors. After a thick coat of black grab a tooth pick and start drawing something new. All the beautiful colors will pop more with the negative black space. This is exactly what I accomplished with this mani.
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As base colors I used all different yellows, red, greens, blues, and oranges. Basically I used any color that was bright and one that would pop next to the black .

I loved this look, from different angles it almost looks 3 dimensional. What do you think? Hit or miss?

On a side note I will be involved in a giveaway with another blogger starting tomorrow midnight, a post will be up, all I can see is my prize involves ZOYA.

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  1. I really like this. The contrast between the clean outlines of the dots and the smudginess of the saran wrap nails is cool.