Friday, January 25, 2013

Crumpet 31 Day Challenge Day 25 Inspired by childhood.

Hi Guys!
When I think of my childhood I think of two things, candy and halloween. Ow I remember the days when I could eat sweets and not have to worry about anything except making sure I had some for the next day. Nowadays eating candy is not the smartest thing to do. My mani is inspired by my beautiful youth.

 For this look I used my brand new Tough as Nails Lacquer 43 Quintillion over Essie , orange is obvious. I used this because these days the only place I wear orange is to a Giants game, or baseball season. When I was a kid I would wear orange and yellow and brown, ALL TOGETHER ( back in the day!)
43 Quintillion is loaded with small gold, red, green, and blue hexagons and tiny micro white glitter. Only one application was needed and a little came a long way. The formula was perfect for easy application, no clumps just easy smooth application.
As you can see I painted lots of candy with acrylic paint. YUM YUM!

43 Quintillion is 3 Free

I loved this polish and this pretty mani, very outgoing design for my taste!
You can get Tough as nails Lacquer at their Etsy Shop

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