Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crumpet 31 Day Challenge Day 17 New Technique

Today is Day 17 New Technique. For as long as I have been painting my nails I have never put anything on my nails that wasn't nail polish. I never put on rhinestones or balls etc. This is really a new technique for me, I guess I never really wanted to because I work with children, so I always thought it would fall off in less then a minute as I am playing with them. I like to add that I used my striping brush for the first time as well. I didn't go all out with the metal balls because as I said before my lil clients and I have to much fun together and I would be bummed if a lot of work fell of in less then one day.
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For this look I used Zoya Jana as my base. And using my brush I used Zoya pinta. The metal balls I used where from the Born Pretty store. I had never applied them before and I can definitely tell you, I have a lot of patience for my first shot.

I loved this mani, I will make a more intricate one on a Saturday when I don't have to go to work the next day. Also my striping brush made this super easy. 

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