Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crumpet 31 Day Challenge Day 12 Tape Mani

Hi all, Super late post but I spent the whole day with my lil cousin AKA "sister" and until now I made time to write my post. Day 12 is tape mani. This was easy for me since I always do this. The hard part was making the lil lady sit still while I tried to paint my nails ASAP because we where going ice skating.
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For this look I used a brand new indie polish I picked up from Jindie Polish . Its a while crelly polish filled silver and blue hexes and purple squares. I love white crelly nail polishes, you can go wrong with them. and I love this one as much as the rest. I made the triangles with tape and a coat of OPI swimsuit nailed it.
This was an easy mani one can do when they have a 5 year old picking at them asking when ice skating is going to take place. Please check it out the rest.

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