Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect Swatch

Hi guys! So this is a super fun post for me, I finally get to use my Nails Inc Leather Effect Kit I got for Valentines Day. That's right guys, all I wanted for Valentines day was nail polish! This polish starts out Glossy but then slowly dries to a leather effect. This polish is not bumpy and feels like a soft nail file. I'm very aware of what is on my body ( when I wear contacts I can feel them in my eyes the whole day) and I was very aware of this polish all day. But is was not unpleasant. I love the effect it makes and it is very unique from anything I own.

Here I used the studs and the skull that come with the pack. I used the glue that comes in the pack to glue all the studs and skulls. The studs are very durable and I bet the skulls would have stayed longer on my ring finger if I wasn't running around and picking up kids all day. Not something I will wear on a weekday when I'm working with my little clients.
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I swatched the polish by itself. Two coats, waiting two minutes or so between coats.
This polish is great for a TOP coat for nail art. I would not recommend it for a base. I tried to make white lines 15 minute after application and its smudged together, not cute. I then applied a base of Sally Hansen White on, used tape to make the diamonds and added black. It worked out better this way, clean lines and no smudges.

This is what you get in the back. On the nails inc website you only get the skulls. My Fiance bought this at sephora for $25 and you get crystals and studs along with the skulls. The crystals are Swarovski crystals so quality is great.

This is what is looks like without the skull. I didn't use all the items in the kit. I didn't want to much on my nails, the polish adds enough effect as it is. I will add that the studs would occasionally get stuck in my hair, but no other problems beyond that.

So what do you think? With all the new textures out there, is this something you would add to your collection.



  1. I had this kit in my hands at sephora the other day and put it back. I want it so bad but it's just too expensive! I love the leather effect though.

    1. I did the same list, which is why I emailed by fiancé the link to the item... hint :)

  2. i really like it! i think out of all the textured polishes, this appeals most because its black. It just looks better than all the other colours out there. That and the studs and rhinestones pair with it so well, which i think again is down to the colour!

    i agree though that it is very expensive - hence why i dont own it yet either! waiting for a quiet day on the evilbay maybe!

    1. I agree black is the way to go.. I recently purchased another textured polish and I don't know what to think of it just yet..

  3. that is so cool. loving all the new textured polishes