Sunday, February 3, 2013

Krafy Gurl 2013 Valentine Collection Review

Hi guys,
Super excited to swatch my First Valentine Collection today. Todays Collection is from Jeanine of  Krafty Gurl Desings. . This is her 2013 Valentine Collection.
You can purchase these as a set on Jeanines etsy store.

Collection of 4: $20 can't beat that price.
Individual: $6.50

It is a great price and I know there is a polish for every personality here. So on with the swatches!

First up is Box of chocolates, which has small brown glitter with bits of holographic glitter.

Top: Three coats without a base color. This is so rich in dark and holographic glitter and the sparkle is really great. 
Bottom: OPI Skyfall ase a base, this reminds me of chocolate covered strawberries. Application was smooth and the consistency of her formula is good. 

Left with a three coats, right with a base coats. This polish is great if you don't want to add a base coat to your mani.

Next is Puppy love, it has large pink and white hexes mixed with smaller lavender and red hexes. This is great with a grey base or a light lavender. This is great if you want a mani that is light on the eyes but sparkly when it needs to be, and not to girly.

Next is Hearts a Fire. This has got to be my favorite of the bunch. When I looked at it I thought it was a nice glitter topper and that it. It was not until I actually put it on my nails, that I was blown away. 

 This polish is loaded with red hexes and squares of different sizes as well as black hexes and squares. The great part was to discover black bars, which brought the whole thing together. To really bring out the features of this polish, a light base seems appropriate, I used a nude OPI. I will be posting a white mani for valentine day and I used this polish and it is absolutely great with white.

Bubbles are due to topcoat application not polish.
 I decided to do a bit of freehand on this. So cute with hearts. This polish just screams love!

Last is Burning Desire, a glitter top with gold and red hexes and squares. I tried with lighter colors, but I found it to really pop with a darker color like the one I used here. I applied two coats of glitter.
Zoya Natty as base color

 This is different from the rest of the collection yet it stills follows the same glitter theme. It is very sophisticated and great for all of us who are not to big on valentines day.

As a whole this collection is great, they where all very easy to apply and very generous with glitter. I could have applied one application to each and been satisfied.

So tell me which best suits your valentine personality? Clearly I am a sucker for love, are you?

These polishes where bough by the blogger and are reviewed for entertainment and information purposes.

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