Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 days of Valentine Manis Day 1 Art and Tutorial

Hi All
I am super excited to start my 10 Days of Valentines Mani. This is how it will work.

All mani are will be done in less then 30 minute ( seriously!)
First mani will be fairly simple. and under 20 minutes to achieve.

I will add to the mani for those of you who want more detail. Although I do want to mention that these will not be hard in any way and nail art will be as simple as possible, yet still beautiful.

I will suggest regular household tools, drugstore brands, and colors so everyone will be able to replicate, regardless of the tools needed ( lets improvise people!)
I will end on February 13.. that way we will actually have  time to pick a mani and create it.


Pin ItThis is Step one mani.
First step took about 15 minute...Please let base coat completely dry. I used Sally Hansen White on. I used seche vite as a top coat which dries super fast , but other brands will dry in ten about minutes ( I didn't put topcoat on ring finger). This is important because you do not want tape to come up with your base color. If this is good enough, add topcoat to all and your done.
Next mani if you want to continue.
I used my finger paints polish for this.  A striper brush works too. If you don't have any of those you can always use an old clean liquid eyeliner brush, it works just as well.

And for the final mani... This took me 35 minutes to achieve...I think it would take less time if I wasn't taking pictures in between.
For the gradient I used my New Krafty Gurl Indie glitter polish and created a little gradient. Simple black and white dots would look great too. Dots can be achieved with a dotting tool or the end of a bobby pin. Remember the more pressure on the nail the bigger the dot. The less pressure the smaller the dot.

What do you guys think? Can you achieve this in less then 30 minutes. If you do give it a try, feel free to email me or  post it up on my facebook page.