Tuesday, April 9, 2013

China Glaze Textures Swatches

Hi Guys,
Today I am super excited to show you my first "collection" of texture polishes. I do own other texture polishes such as Zoya Pixies and OPI liquid Sand, but I really wanted textured polishes without glitter. I did look for Milani at my local stores but never found them. I then found these on Amazon and had to have them all. I love them because they are all bright colors, ready for summer.

The first is called Bump and Grind, a lovely dark pink. The application for this was great, it only needed 2 coats and the texture was not overpowering the color. Lets face it, sometimes when we have texture polishes, we tend to gravitate to the texture and forget how beautiful the color is.
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Itty Bitty Gritty is a nice coral. It's very different from other corals I have seen, because its a bit on the bright side. Application was smooth and only needed 2 coats. 

 Toe-Tally Textured is a bright orange that holds true to it's name. As you can see the texture for this one is very pronounced. In some lights you can almost see a hint of yellow in it. Application for this was not perfect. It ran at the cuticle and wanted to clump in different spots. This one was more bumpy then others in the collection.
Of course is a bright light blue. In indoor lights color is a bit darker. Application was easy and 2 coats where used.

In The Rough is  a yellow green and I know it looks really bright but I bet it would look great at a accent color. 

Unrefined is what I like to call a "Barbie" pink. This is my favorite out of the bunch. Application wasn't so great ( clumpy at time) 2 coats where needed.

I wore Unrefined for 24 hours and no chipping or wear. This is a big plus for me since I spend 70 percent of my day writing and using my hands. I am really excited to have these and I cant wait to make some nail art. I would like to add that the texture is different from others like the Pixies and Milani's, but I did my hair test ( I ran my nails through my hair) and guess what? no grabbing. That definitely passes my texture test. 
So will you be picking any of these up? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. My girl really loves polish. And this one is new. I'm sure she'll be surprised with this one.