Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Born pretty store item Review PART 1

These items where sent for review

Hi guys
Today I am reviewing a stud wheel from Born Pretty Store.

I wore each one of these looks for 24-48 hours.
All where applied with topcoat .
Wear was great, these are the smaller studs from the wheel so there is no sticking out due to nail curve.
Only one star fell of after day 2 and that was because I took a shower and I started picking at my nail.

These square studs are my favorite out of the bunch.  I applied matte coat to China Glaze liquid leather and added the studs to the tips. I love this look. I made it before going out on a Saturday and I felt like I had the coolest nails around.
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This is the wheel with many different studs to choose from . It retails for $4.16 it can be found here.

I used the Stars for the Galaxy nails. The square studs ( big and small) for the black french and the small circles for the holo red.

This kit is great for trying out the bigger kits Born Pretty Store has to offer. You can probably get two looks with each stud choice in the wheel. If you are looking to cover more then one nail I suggest you find the wheel that has more of the same stud. But as you can see this wheel is great for accent nails and small little details in very simple to make manis.
Remember to use the code on the right if you do decide to purchase this or anything else. As always 10% off and free shipping!
Thanks for reading